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When remote areas and restricted space are a concern, hydrovac excavation is a great solution to aid with your project. expose existing infrastructure, eliminates accidents, and prevents project delays; even in the most extreme weather conditions. American Hydro can excavate more than 600 feet away, with a remote hose for services such as interior pit excavation, elevator shaft debris clean outs, and much more. American Hydro delivers alternative, transparent and viable solutions that provide a safe and reliable outcome on your projects.

  • Potholing/Daylighting
  • Excavation & Trenching – installation or verification
  • Utility locates to identify & protect
  • “xing” (Pier/Slab Foundations)
  • Fence Posts
  • Sign Posts & Bases
  • Drain & Weeping Tile – Installation & Cleanout
  • Lowering Basements
  • Elevator Shaft Cleanout
  • Slot Trenching
  • Tunnel Debris Removal
  • Clean Up of Jobsites
  • Excavating on the Interior of Buildings
  • Clean Up of Spills
  • Removing Slurry from Concrete Pour of Cell Tower
  • Removing Concrete Slurry from Wet Pours
  • Pit to Pit Clean-Up

American Hydro provides the following services to its Electrical, Gas, Telecom, Water and Sewer Utilities Customers:

  • Integrity Digs – Pipeline inspections
  • Utility pole holes – new and replacement
  • Utility verification – daylighting, test holes, pot-holes, sight holes
  • General Maintenance
  • Cable installation – trenching and pits
  • Submersible transformer vault cleanouts
  • Gas distribution construction
  • Valve case cleaning and verification
  • Locating lost pipe
  • Various cleaning applications
  • Transmission and distribution system maintenance

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