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Committed To Safety

American Hydro Safety

American Hydro endeavors to maintain a safe work environment and to perform work in the safest possible manner consistent with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations for Construction Projects, as well as other relevant workplace legislation. Our polices and Safe Work Practices reflect this commitment.

Working in a safe and healthy manner requires knowledge, skill and thoughtful execution of the task at hand. Because we are committed to providing opportunities for all workers to build their competence and commitment to health and safety, we encourage workers to participate in education and training opportunities relevant to their duties. In addition to the annual health and safety meeting, which is compulsory for all American Hydro including management, our supervisors conduct regular site-specific safety talks on the jobsite to ensure that all workers are familiar with safety precautions for the work
they are performing.

We realize that the only way to have a health and safe work environment is to encourage communication, from the “bottom up” as well as “top-down”. A preliminary Task Hazard Analysis gives us the opportunity to identify potential site-specific hazards. On large projects, the start-up safety meeting involving subtrades as well as owners or their representatives and other relevant parties provides the opportunity to develop a work plan with input from everyone concerned. It also gives us an opportunity to review and highlight our safety policies and procedures. Even on smaller projects, our management team works collaboratively with everyone involved in the project to make sure we work together to meet our commitment to the health and safety of all of our workers.

We are proud of our commitment to the safety of our workers. For us, health and safety is not an “add-on”, it is an inherent part of everything we do. Workers are encouraged to be the safety eyes and ears of the company and to report any safety concerns they have to their supervisors. Supervisors are encouraged to work with both workers and management in finding solutions before they become problems. We believe this is the foundation of a safe and healthy work environment.


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